£250.00 GBP

Mega Money Bundle - All Courses

This bundle is our most valuable package created here at Loves Academy! It contains every single one of our videos created! Everything from live treatments to the anatomy of the face and most importantly how to UPSELL YOUR CLIENTS!!!

This Bundle includes the following;

  • Polynucleotides - New Course
  • Lemon Bottle Training
  • 2 x Russian Lips
  • 2 x Cannula Lips
  • Signature Lips
  • Injectable Lip Balm
  • M Shaped Lips
  • How To Lip Dissolve
  • Profhilo Face
  • Profhilo Body
  • 2 x Creating The Perfect Jawline
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Skin Booster Hand Treatment
  • Lumi Eyes
  • Seventy Hyal
  • How To Upsell Your Clients
  • 2 x Dermal Filler Videos
  • Botox Conversion
  • How To Switch Botox Brands
  • Emergency Kit
  • All Anatomy Videos

What People Are Saying:

“After buying the mega money bundle I have been having consistently with hitting 10k months ! It’s unbelievable the skills and the using the measuring beauty with the golden Callipers has been a total game changer !!! THANK YOU LOUISE“

“Just done my first 1k treatment package after watching the golden callipers video!!!! I can’t believe I wasn’t do this before !! Thanks so much“